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DP&L Scam hits home again. More victims are coming forward stating they have become victim of this scam. Victims are stating that DP&L is claiming to shut of the electric service to the residence if immediate payment is not made. They request that you issue payment via Green Dot money order, which is difficult or impossible to trace. Rumors have even surfaced of threats being issued to customers if immediate payment is not made. If you feel you are contacted by a potential scam, disconnect and call DP&L directly to verify account information before you make a payment. These cases are being investigated federally and the number of victims are growing rapidly. Call the appropriate law enforcement agency to file a report.



The Mechanicsburg Police Department is investigating a death that occured on School St. 6/10/2014. Please contact our department with any information you may have related to this case. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can submit your information using the Contact form.



There have been reports of DP&L scams inside the village of Mechanicsburg. DP&L does not call demanding money nor will they send representatives to your door trying to collect a debt. The scams have representatives advising shut off notices if the debt is not paid upfront. If you encounter one of the scams over the phone, advise them that you will call the number on the back of your bill and make the payment or simply hang up your phone. Do not accept the number that they give you to make a payment. If you have already encountered somebody claiming they are from DP&L and you have given out your financial information, contact your financial institution and advise them so they may monitor your account for fraudulent activity. Please notify us immediately if you encounter any of these representatives.

Drug drop-off box now available.


Drop off your expired or unused prescription medications in the foyer at 18 N. Main St. Along with Urbana and St. Paris, Mechanicsburg is now offering a program to help the community clean out the cabinets by removing old and unused medications.

By dropping of your medications in the box, you are helping our community by decreasing the chance of accidental overdose or stolen medications. 

If you can't drop it off, call us and we would be happy to pick them up for you. (937)834-3303.

Don't worry if its not a legal substance. You will not be charged or asked questions for turning in items that help clean our streets.


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