Mechanicsburg Police Department Mechanicsburg, Ohio
Mechanicsburg Police Department            Mechanicsburg, Ohio

Investigation Division


The Mechanicsburg Police Department’s Investigative Unit is dedicated to the investigation into

crimes which have occured or originated within the village limits of Mechanicsburg, Ohio. The detectives handle long-term and/or complex investigations. They are tasked with identification,apprehension, and prosecution of criminal offenders. Many of the cases that the Investigative Unit handles comes from cases the would be considered too work intensive for the patrol division to handle on top of their normal daily duties. The detectives work along side the patrol division as well as with various other resources in order to provide the best possible service for solving and deterring criminal activity within the community.

We always welcome any citizen to come forward with any information into any type
of illegal activity, and see each citizen as an extra pair of eyes to assist us.



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