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 Karen Salerno began working with Mechanicsburg Police as a Victim Advocate in January 2017.  She has spearheaded a new program within the department to assist victims of crime in Mechanicsburg and North Lewisburg.  She is also available to assist victims within other areas of Champaign county as needed.


Karen is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to crime scenes when victims are involved.  This allows her to provide resources and assistance to victims as soon as possible after a traumatic incident occurs. 


Working diligently with victims as they navigate an often confusing and overwhelming justice system, Karen provides additional resources to ensure victims have their immediate needs met such as food, clothing, and a safe place to stay.  She formulates safety plans with victims as well as providing resources for basic necessities and counseling.  Karen has a working relationship with the Champaign County Animal Welfare Shelter as sometimes abusers will threaten to harm family pets if a victim leaves.  She works to place family pets out of harm’s way until the victim can make other arrangements to keep these animals safe.  Karen also attends criminal hearings, and civil protection order hearings with victims, not only to help them navigate the legal system, but also to provide much needed emotional support.


Karen is a Registered Advocate with the Ohio Advocate Network as well as a Credentialed Advocate with the National Organization for Victim Assistance.  She specializes in domestic violence, sexual assault, and is certified in crisis response.  She has attended hundreds of hours of training within the victim advocacy field and exerts herself vigorously to stay up to date on the latest advocacy information available.


Karen is a member of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, the Ohio Victim Witness Association, and the National Organization for Victim Assistance. 


Karen’s passion for aiding victims has enabled her to be a tireless advocate for victims’ rights by ensuring those rights are upheld and victims are treated with the fairness, dignity, and respect they deserve.  She has worked closely with law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges all over the state of Ohio educating them about victims’ rights and helping victims when those rights were violated.


Karen lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband David, and their two Australian Shephard mix dogs, Ranger and Brandy.


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