Mechanicsburg Police Department Mechanicsburg, Ohio
Mechanicsburg Police Department            Mechanicsburg, Ohio

Mechanicsburg K-9 Unit

The police K9 program was established in January of 2017. Our K9 currently                                    consists of K9 Kato. K9 Kato was donated in October 2018.  K9 Kato will                                              also be trained in item searches as well as searches for subjects, whether                                          that be someone lost such as a child, elderly, mental illness, handicap or                                            subjects that have fled from law enforcement.  K9 Kato and his handler                                            will be used throughout the county to assist other agencies, however, their                                            priority always maintained within the Village of Mechanicsburg.

K9 Kato is a Western German line German Shepherd. His came to us from                                        the Czech republic. K9 Kato and his handler Officer Viol became road certified in                                Febuary of 2019.


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